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Every business relies on their computers to preform and complete daily tasks. But what happens when those computer are slow or even worse, not working? Can you imagine trying to run your business without your computer? CDA Tech Pro can can keep your computer running at optimal performance and preform preventative maintenance to make sure your system are reliable and fast. And when something bad does happen we’ll be there to get you up and running as soon as possible.


Aside from keeping your computers running efficiently CDA Tech Pros can keep you network connected and running at top performance. We’ll configure your router (and switch if you have one) to get every bit of bandwidth you’re paying for. And if your employees are spending time surfing sites that they shouldn’t be we can set up website blocking services. We can also service your Windows Server.


CDA Tech Pros also offers services that other IT Firms don’t such as Data Recovery, Password Recovery and Forensic Searches. If you have a computer of file (Word, Excel, ZIP, etc) that is password protected that you can’t remember we can usually recover or remove that password. We can also recover deleted files, crashed hard drives, and search computers for deleted activity. For more information about these services see the section below.

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About The Tech Pros


Why choose CDA Tech Pros for your company’s Computer, Server, Network, & Information Security Consulting and Support NEEDS?

like most companies, computers and technology are an integral part of your business. Downtime and inefficiencies cost you money. You need a company like CDA who has been serving the technology needs of companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Ernst & Young LLP, DirecTV, Provident Real Estate, Quail Capital, and others for over 15 years.

We bring to the table real world, professional IT consultation and support skills honed in major corporations with hundreds of users as well as personal businesses with just a few. In either situation you expect honest knowledgeable advice, reliable support, and a commitment to budget.

At CDA, we offer our clients the best consultation and support possible, mixing old-fashioned business integrity and accountability with cutting edge technology and skills. CDA is not just a service provider, we understand the business of service and offer you dependable, quality service solutions. We focus on service so you can focus on your bottom line. You can count on us as well for strategic outsourcing of other key IT functions, including Help Desk support and management, asset management, special projects and technical staffing.[/columnize]


“Smart Technology is Smart Business

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