Adding Default Alarms To iCal Events

Good Evening,

If you use iCal to set up reminders and events it is often useful to add an alarm. This way you know an event is coming up and you wont forget it. Thats the theory anyway. This post is about automatically setting up an iCal alarm for your events. This way you dont have to manually add an alarm. Its rather simple to implement and can save you a couple of seconds when adding a new event.

To add a default alarm, go to iCal Preferences General from the menu bar. This will load the preferences for iCal. Within the options have a look, about half way down, for an option that says Add a default alarm. This is the option we are looking for. Check the box and add a time in the text box. The alarms are set in minutes, so if you want an alarm set for the day before enter 1440 minutes.

Now every time you add a new event within iCal it will automatically add an alarm to that event.

Nifty. Saves me having to add one.

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