Change the Default Thumbnail/Overview of a Video


Todays entry builds upon the previous post, Screen Cap/Grab/Thumbnails Of Movies, in short I am going to show you a quick way to combine the preview image that is created in ScreenGrabber and attach this as the image icon, alternatively you can use this trick if you have an alternate frame/image you want to use as a replacement. This trick is useful if you browse your video in thumbnail mode. If the thumbnails are quite large you can have an entire overview of the movie. Pretty useful and easy to implement.

To start, first have your movie overview as explained in the previous post. If you dont want a movie overview this technique also works with any image. With the image waiting to go, open it up in Preview. From this press Command + A to select all of the image. If you want to cut a portion of the image out, say for example the technical information at the top of the image, you can use the small round selection handles to adjust the box.

Once you have the selection area ready press Command + C to copy the image to the clipboard, alternatively you can go to Edit Copy to achieve the same results. Now, with the image in the clipboard select the required movie in Finder and press Command + I. This will open up an information window. In the top left corner you will see a small icon. Select it by clicking on the icon and pressing Command + V to paste the image. Your mac has replaced the default icon and the default movie thumbnail to the image you just chose. If you have thumbnail view open and a large zoom (using the slider in the bottom right corner), you will now see that the thumbnail of the video has been replaced by the image. Pretty useful, especially if you have a lot of video and you want a good overview of the movies.

This is just a simple trick that I wanted to build upon. I think it is quite useful and can come in handy.

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