Have you ever wanted to confirm email delivery? Have you ever gone to look for an email that you were expecting, only to find it later in your spam folder? This happens more than you’d expect.

And finding an email among the hundreds, or even thousands of spam messages can be a difficult challenge. Have you ever sent an email to someone and wondered if they ever received it? We depend on email for so many things and many of them are business related. It is crucial that we receive and send emails without the fear of losing them and having the security and assurance that our email has in fact been received and read.

Confirm email delivery

Mailinfo will notify you the moment your email is viewed, you will be notified even while you are doing other things on your computer. You will also be notified of emails that have been lost, or unconfirmed by Mailinfo. (This is not free software, but you can get a 30-day free test run).

If you are currently using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you may continue to do so. This is a simple transition that will integrate itself without changing the way you receive or send your email. Your email remains private, nothing will ever be redirected to any servers and no one else will have access to them.

You will have a Mailinfo report to confirm email delivery. It tells you when your emails were sent and when they were viewed. You can access this information quickly in your report. As with any other technology based systems, there may be technical issues or questions that you may have. There is help in all these areas. You also have the benefits of customizing your Mailinfo for any specific needs. Maybe you want to receive a reminder to follow up on an email that you sent or one that you have received which needs follow up in a couple of days or so.

Mailinfo has a great philosophy that has helped them in their design, making it more than just a program to confirm email delivery. They know that there are legitimate emails that are not going where they are meant to. This has become a growing problem and Mailinfo is providing a service to help both the sender and the receiver, ensuring these emails are not lost or received by the wrong person.

This company has made a program with the Philosophy of Fair, Balanced and Transparent Solution:

1. Simple technology
2. Recipients receive full disclosure from the Mailinfo user
3. It caters to all users
4. Email privacy is never compromised
5. Rule of Reciprocity
6. User experience that is simple to use, that can be customized to the users personal preferences.

Some great features are:
1. Get separate alerts per contact
2. Create a personal signature
3. Real-time notifications on your desktop
4. Follow up reminders
5. Mailinfo report with location details
6. You will know if your email was blocked as Spam
7. Continue to use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

Mailinfo have been given several awards from sites such as; Softpedia, Shareware Connection, Euro Download, Software Picks Network, Maxx Download, and more…all awarding 5 Stars.

This is a great software program ensuring the protection, privacy and knowledge of every email you send and receive. This is an excellent choice for everyone with these concerns in mind.

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