Flight Control HD For Mac – Review


If you buy this game you will lose a lot of hours in the following week and month, I for one had to rush a report because I as playing this game. If you havent played Flight Control HD, on an iPhone or iPad you can finally play it on your Mac. Flight Control has been out for quite a while, so I thought I would give it a review and tell you what I think about it. Im also interested in what other players of this game think as I have been addicted to this game.

The general premise is rather simple. You are in a top down world and in charge of controlling various aircraft. Aircraft of different types, represented by different colours, enter the screen from the edges. They will then fly in a straight line until you take hold of them. By selecting an aircraft with the mouse (there are various different setups to do this) you then have a chance to mark the flight path of the aircraft. You have to get each of the planes to the required airfield (with the same matching colour) without crashing into other aircraft. It sounds simple, and is simple, but soon becomes complicated as more aircraft enter at different speeds and different locations.

The game has 8 maps to play on each varying in difficulty. You start out on a map with two runways and a helipad and move up to maps with multiple runways, some which are open and close, and to some of the more complicated maps with rotating aircraft carriers (which does get very complicated). Once you get the hang of the controls and map layouts you start building your own flight paths and routes on screen to stop fatal collisions, as the game progresses stopping collisions does become difficult and you will be sending aircraft onto random paths on screen. The different speeds and randomness of the aircraft does make the game challenging, especially when a slow moving helicopter is moving across a busy airway you have created with ten aircraft just about to pass through it.

One of the more interesting and challenging maps is the stunt maps. One of the hardest the game provides. As well as the usual challenge of landing normal aircraft small fast yellow planes enter with zero points attached to them (normal aircraft give you one point when you land them), to rake up the points you have to build a flight path through at least one of seven cones to the runway to gain a score. The more cones you pass through the more points you get (up to sixteen). This makes long complicated flight paths a must if you want the high score. However with a long flight path comes the problem of collisions and the ever present problem of routing another aircraft either through the path you have created or round. Normally you want to keep a path as small as possible to land the planes as quick as you can, so this map is a real challenge.

Overall you keep coming back to this game because it is quick and simple to play. The game loads in a matter of seconds and you can be quickly moving your planes around. You keep coming back to it because you can always land more one more plane. The complexity of 20 planes on screen is a challenge but good flight paths does allow you to keep your head on top of things. I wholeheartedly recommend this game since it is a good time waster.

Where To Purchase?

I originally bought this game on Steam however with the advent of the App Store, you can purchase it there as well. Its priced around the $5 mark however it is usually on sale and varies in price. If you do have a Steam account I recommend you use that simply because you get access to the achievements and the forums which are a useful feature. Both apps have access to the leader boards (another addicting feature) so there is plenty to offer. If you have a Steam account use that, if not the App Store is a suitable way to go.

I enjoy this game and I think you will to. You dont need a complicated Flight Control System to use it and there is lots of enjoyment in it. If you like this game also please leave a comment using the form below.

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