What files are YOU making available to the world with your Limewire for Windows XP installation? The last couple of months there were several stories in the news where people unwillingly “leaked” sensitive, private information through the use of Limewire.

What is Limewire?

Limewire is software that you can download and use for free (there’s also a paid, pro version available with extended features, like faster downloads and better search functionality). It’s called file sharing software. Most people use it to find and download music on their computers, some even download entire software packages with it.

As soon as you install Limewire on your computer, Limewire suggests to scan your computer for files that it can make available to other Limewire users. Usually it goes looking for multimedia or music files, but it wouldn’t be the first time that someone unwillingly makes private information available to the rest of the world this way.

Is Limewire illegal?

The use of Limewire for Windows XP is not illegal in itself. It is illegal to share copyrighted or unauthorized material with it. If you download Limewire for Windows XP on the Limewire website, they ask you if you intend to use Limewire for copyright infringement.

Sure enough, if you answer that you might use Limewire for copyright infringement, your journey ends here. The download is not permitted.

But if you select the option that says that you will not use Limewire for copyright infringement, you can happily download the software.

How do you know what files you are sharing?

In Limewire, click on the “Library” tab and look for “Shared files” on the left-hand side of the screen.

Limewire for Windows XP

On the right-hand side is a list with all the files that other Limewire users can pick up from your computer? Are you sure this is what you want?

If not, you can right-click on the shared folder and select “Stop sharing folder”.

Is Limewire Illegal?

Most Limewire users don’t want you to do that, because it decreases the power of the file sharing network. But at least you are not sharing any private information with the rest of the world.

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