hand with be scam smart warning

Yesterday I received a letter that looked like a official government document from the ‘Labor Standards Compliance Office’ showing a fee of $295 with the words ‘Reply by: DUE NOW’. In the upper right-hand corner there were big red letters that said ‘FINAL NOTICE’ and ‘Failure to comply with  2013 labor law requirements we lead to government fines and/or audits’. This letter looked official but was actually a scam trying to get me to pay money for a poster,  a $295 for poster.

The company that sent the letter has nothing to do with the government and in my opinion this letter to scare small businesses in to thinking they owe the government $295.  Don’t fall for this!  I will send back the payment form with a few choice words…

Here is an article about the scam.  Arizona AG warns small businesses, consumers on fake mailers.

Scam Letter