Over the last few years, more and more people have discovered the benefits of free file storage online. Enabling you to upload and share multiple files, there are many reasons why you may choose to use file storage space on the internet. So just how does it work and where can you find the best providers of this type of service?

Where to find Free File Storage Online?

There are many companies that have set up file storage solutions online. Designed to help you to store various files without eating up the added space on your hard drive, these storage systems have benefitted many companies as well as individuals.

They tend to work on a bandwidth basis. There are many file storage solutions that charge you per gigabyte. However, there are also many free online storage solutions such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Live Mesh and Windows Live Skydrive. Or you may be interested in how to share photos online with online photo sharing storage (also check out Picasa’s photo share site new version 3). These services rely upon advertising to earn their money and to keep their services free. Obviously, they are more popular with individuals as it is much better to pay nothing than it is to pay per gigabyte.

However, there are many businesses that prefer to use the paid services as they consider it to be a better quality service. But does paying for your file sharing online really give you a better service?

5GB Free File Storage Online With Windows Live Skydrive
Windows Live Skydrive offers 5GB free file storage online

Free File Storage versus Paid Storage

Typically, with free file storage online you do tend to get less space to store documents than you do with paid online file storage. However, usually there is more than enough space with free storage systems for individuals and small businesses. It is when you plan to use the file storage for hundreds of large files that you might find a problem with free storage solutions.

Big businesses could benefit more from paid storage because you can get a lot of storage space for little money. Especially with the free storage solutions, there is usually an upload limit. So the size of the files you can upload is limited. However, as mentioned this is not really a big problem for individuals or those who will not be uploading hundreds of large files in a short space of time. Free online storage is excellent for most people and it does provide enough benefits to make your life easier.

The Things You Can Do

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you need to send files or share files with any other person, it can often be easier through file storage online. Having to upload documents individually each time that you need to show employees or clients various files, can be a little tiresome and time consuming. This is a common problem for many small businesses and individuals who perhaps work from home.

If you are a writer for example, you need to have samples of your work to show potential new clients. If you are constantly advertising your services to new clients then you will spend a lot of your time uploading and sending files. Wouldn’t it be easier to instead just point them in the direction on a website that contains all of your samples? It would save you a lot of time and hassle and it makes it easier for the client too as they get to see your work in one handy place without having to download anything.

Another instance where you might need file storage is if you run a small business and you need to show your employees regular newsletters or documents. Perhaps you produce documents that analyze the month’s business or current trends in your business? If so wouldn’t it be easier to create these documents, upload them onto a file storage system, and have your employees log on and read them online?

Perhaps you simply like to share photos with friends and family? If you do not live near your family and friends, then sending photographs online can be a hassle. It can take a long time to send pictures and it can sometimes even be stressful sending picture files through email. Having them in a free online storage system will really help to save a lot of hassle and it will enable everyone to see your photos a lot easier too. Furthermore, email is not designed to send the huge file attachments that modern mega-pixel cameras tend to generate. If you’ve ever tried sending more than a couple of pics to your friends through email, you already know that most of the time your photo’s never get through and it only results in error messages coming back to you.

Overall, free file storage online can save time and hassle if you regularly send various files to family, friends or clients and employees. It can act as a backup for all of your files too so you don’t need to worry about losing everything if your computer decides to play up. Some of the best available include Xdrive.com, Windows Live Skydrive, and Google Docs.

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