With the increasing number of security threats, the task of maintaining computer safety becomes quite an overwhelming activity. To help you with this, outlined below are some important tips that you can follow to ensure that your computer is safe.

Perform regular antivirus scan

Malicious programs, such as Virus, Trojans, and Backdoors are a major cause of concern for Windows users. These malicious programs:

  • Clutter your disk with many unwanted, malicious files.
  • Generate various system errors, fatal errors, and code errors on your PC.
  • Add many unwanted registry entries.
  • Alter already existing entries within the registry to change how various programs work on the PC.
  • Severely damage your system files that may render your computer unbootable, and even cause data loss.

To prevent these problems, and to prevent your system from virus infections, you must install a reliable and efficient antivirus tool on your system. You must keep the tool updated with the latest definitions and run regular scans to ensure that your PC is safe from harmful virus infected files.

Protect Your PC from Spyware

Spyware programs, such as the Mirar tool bar, have also emerged as major threats for computer users. These programs basically track your computer and web browsing activity and trade the collected information with various advertising websites.

Removing Mirar tool bar and other similar spyware programs can be quite tedious because these programs stealthily install on your PC and copy numerous files onto your computer and add many entries to the registry. The best way to get rid of them is to regularly scan your system with a reliable and efficient anti-spyware program. Just like your anti-virus utility, you must keep your anti-spyware utility updated with the latest definitions to ensure complete PC protection.

Keep Your Registry Free From Malicious Entries

Malware programs add numerous entries to the Windows registry also. Many times, these entries are not removed even after you have performed a full system scan using your anti-virus and anti-spyware tools. Therefore, it is recommended that you also run a regular scan of the registry to ensure that no malicious information has been left behind. You can easily and efficiently scan the registry with the help of a registry cleaner tool. These tools are widely available on the Internet. You can search for them and download the one that best meets your requirements and is compatible with your operating system.

Implement a Firewall

Firewall is a hardware or a software program that acts as a gateway between two networks and protects the data and resources of one network from another. For instance, when you are connected to the Internet a firewall will protect your PC and other recourses on it from the public network. Therefore, to ensure that your PC is safe from any malicious attacks through the Internet, you should implement a Firewall.

Tighten the Security Settings of your Web Browser

You can also make your PC more secure by changing the security settings of your Internet Explorer. To change the settings, in the Internet Explorer window, select Tools and then select the Options command. Here, open the Security tab and modify the security settings of your Internet Explorer by moving up the slider in the Security level for this zone section.

To ensure that your PC is safe from various security threats, you must become a vigilant and aware user. Follow the tips listed above and protect your PC from various security hazards.

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