Open Your Current Terminal Directory In Finder


I found a rather cool little tip that I thought I would post. Its in regards to opening the current folder you are browsing in while using Terminal. Many times I have wondered if there was a way to view my current folder, this is usually very useful if you are very deep within a directory and need to have a more visual look at it with Finder. Ive also found that its useful when viewing the output of any bash scripts.

To open the folder you are viewing in Terminal type the following:

open .

The word open is followed with a dot, without it it doesnt work.

You can combine the open command with the change directory command. This is useful if you want to do something in Terminal and view the Finder window belonging to it.

cd /path/to/folder; open .

You can write it as one line and is a quick way to move around Terminal and Finder in one.

Within a couple of days ill have another post on using the open command. It is very useful.

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