Yum – Store All Of Your Recipies


It seems ages since my last application review. Today I am going to give an overview of a cool application called Yum. Its designed to store all of your favourite recipes for easy access and allow you to find new, recipes using its built in browser. Its a must for any budding chef that wants a simple and easy way to store there favourite culinary collections. Yum is catered as a quick and simple way to add new recipes and slowly build your collection. I tend to like eating (as most people do) and I find having lots of cook books around a real quick way to take up space which can be seldom used after you have done all of the interesting recipes within them. Although the use of the Internet has allowed myself to find pretty much any meal I want, it can become annoying when I want to find said meal again. This is where Yum comes in, having the versatility of storing recipes like a cook book and the ability to find new ones.

Yum is split into two main sections. The cork board which is a simple overview of all the recipes you have, and the recipe list itself. Recipes are added either by searching through the cloud of recipes provided by Yum, or adding them yourself. The cork board view is similar to many other applications. It has small Polaroid style images which can be used as a quick way to visually see what you can do, as well as this there is also the search function to narrow down your list.

Double clicking on any recipe will give you a familiar recipe page look you will be familiar with. On the page there is ratings, tags, difficultly, time, serving, ingredients list and the preparation list. Within this page you can add all of the information you want, the more steps the better. Since this is an application adding information is quick an simple, a lot quicker than using a pen and paper. The image below is one I added in about a minute.

Once you have added your recipes into the application, you can then take them a step further. You can organise them into folders, create one click shopping lists of your favourite recipes. One of the coolest features, in my opinion, is to scale the recipe. Do you have 200 portions of cake to make for a party? If you hit the scale button and enter 200 servings the software will then calculate the amount of ingredients needed. Its then one more click to create of a shopping list. The last feature I would like to point out is the full page view. Im sure many people have there Mac in the kitchen, instead of printing the recipe out (which you can do) you can hit the full screen button and a large black page comes onto your screen so you can clearly see what you needed to do. I think its very useful.


Overall this app is well rounded and does exactly what it says on the tin. It takes no time at all to add your recipes into the application and the online cloud service is great for finding quick recipes. It takes a couple of minutes to get used to the interface but in no time at all you are quickly working your way around the application. If you want to add your own recipes, you have to do this one at a time, which I suppose is a bit of a pain, but I see this app as one you come back to time after time and slowly add to.

At the moment this application is priced at $29, a fair price especially if you use it a lot. It can be very useful if you do a lot of cooking or a chief who needs a simple way to store recipes. It sure beats paying for lots of recipe books to take up space in your kitchen. If you have a question or comment about this app please leave one below.

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