Zoom In On Windows While Using Exposé


I stumbled across this little trick by accident, but I think it is rather cool. If you have ever used Expos with a lot of windows open, you may find that they can get rather small, very small, especially if you have the option to show every window and not ones from a specific application. Instead of trying to search through these small windows using you can press the space bar while hovering over a window to bring into view.

While using the space bar any window you have highlighted will automatically become the biggest thing you see. In a similar manner to how Quicklook works. If you have lots of reports open a quick tap of the space bar will allow you to bring one into view to see its contents. Another quick tap will set it back with the rest of the windows.

Another cool trick with Expos is to press Command + ` (the tilde or button next to the number one). If you press these keys in a similar manner to scrolling through windows, while Expos is running, you will scroll through the applications while Expos is up and running. This is another quick way to gain an overview of what you have open.

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